Friday, November 21, 2008

Photos of my Swap Package!

To begin, I must apologize to my wonderful pal CentyB for the delay in posting these photos. My camera cord has been MIA since returning from my wedding so I had to go to Walgreens and have my photos put on CD so that I could upload them.

So, without further delay, here is my wonderful package!

Here's a picture of all of my beautifully wrapped goodies (taken immediately before I shamelessly ripped into them).

And here's all of the goodies in my scarf kit unwrapped:

And now, for some closeups. Here's the yarn (Knitpicks Swish Worsted Weight) for my scarf kit:

Knitpick's Harmony Wood Circulars. As luck would have it, I was getting ready to cast on my sister's Christmas present when the package arrived which required the exact same size needle that came in my package. So, the picture below shows the needles, which are already in use :)

Charmed Knits!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Hand knit socks (CentyB's first toe ups) which are very very warm and cozy. I've already worn them and shown them off and my weekly SnB.

Yummy craisins ... mmmm ... my favorite snack!

Partylite tealight candles and a Mad-Eye Moody bath fizzy! :)

Yummy candies and mints (notice that the toblerone bar didn't last long... I'd never had one before and started eating it while I was opening the rest of my goodies).

And a note pad and clip!

Thanks again CentyB for this wonderful, best-kit-worthy scarf kit!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quidditch Round 3

1. Who was Tom Riddle Sr.'s girlfriend before Merope gave him the love potion?
b. Cecilia

2. What does Luna say floated into Harry's ear when he was in the train car that supposedly caused him to lose focus?
c. Wrackspurt

3. How much do the primary Apparition lessons cost?
d. 12 galleons

4. What is Professor Merrythought's first name?
b. Galatea

5. What Hogwarts club was Eileen Prince captain of?
b. Gobstones Club

6. Who is head of the Goblin Liaison office?
b. Dirk Cresswell

7. Mrs. Weasley offers Fleur a goblin-made tiara for the wedding with Bill. What family member is currently in possession of the tiara?
a. Aunt Muriel

8. How many points does Snape take from Gryffindor for Harry's late arrival and muggle attire?
b. 70

9. When Profressory Slughorn first meets Hermione, he asks her whether she is related to Hector Dagworth-Granger. What society did Dgworth-Granger found?
d. The Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers

10. Which of these describes Golpalott's Third Law?
d. The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separtea components

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ravenclaw Secret Stuffs ...

1. Astrid Cloverleaf
2. Cassandra Grubbly-Plank
3. Enna Kirts
4. Selena Starfire
5. Henry Longstaff
6. Ceciley Fortescue
7. Mona Ravenscroft
8. Argentia Pascal
9. Prendolyn Wilcox
10. Lizzie Wychwood
11. Ursula Longbottom
12. Rowena Weasley
13. Aurora Curlyfur
14. Lily May Clearwater
15. Megaera Black

Bonus 1. Smileynetta, or Hermione Bagnold
Bonus 2. 37 – which is less than half

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ravenclaw Quiz

1. What security question does Mr. Weasley ask Mrs. Weasley before he enters the Burrow? What is the answer?

Question: What is Arthur’s nickname for Molly when they are alone together?
Answer: Mollywobbles

2. What two names does Mrs. Cole call Dumbledore when she takes him to see Tom Riddle at the orphanage?

Mr. Dumberton and Dunderbore

3. What is the name of Ginny's Pygmy Puff?


4. What three D's are needed for apparating?

Destination, Determination, Deliberation

5. What spell did Harry perform when he was attacked by Dementors?

Expecto Patronum (a.k.a. the Patronus Charm)

6. Who did an arrow salute at Dumbledore's funeral?

The Centaurs

7. What did Dumbledore set on fire to prove to Tom Riddle that he was a wizard?

Tom’s Wardrobe

8. What Christmas present did Kreacher give Harry?

A bunch of maggots

9. What is on top of the Weasleys' Christmas tree?

A stupefied garden gnome that was painted gold, wearing a tutu and had wings glued to his back.

10. What was the most popular item at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes?

Nosebleed Nougat

11. Why did Harry threaten to kick Ron off the Griffindor Quidditch team?

Because he was being jerky and had a bad attitude around teammates.

12. What happens if you break an Unbreakable Vow?

You die

13. Who did Hermoine go to Slughorn's party with?

Cormac McLaggen

14. Who is Mrs. Weasley's favorite singer?

Celestina Warbeck

15. Who are the only two people who know the full contents of the prophecy made about Harry and Lord Voldemort?

Harry and Dumbledore

Since I started the hufflepuff quiz, I decided to finish it :)

Professor Severus Snape was having a terrible morning, and it wasn't even breakfast yet. Someone broke into the Transfiguration classroom the night before, hid a Boggart in the closet, and set loose 269 doxies. How did he know there were 269 doxies? Because each one took a bite out of his thumb as he tried to capture it, and Madame Pomfrey had to fly each wound separately. And comment annoyingly about how Professor Minerva McGonagall would've had the room cleared out with 2 waves of a wand.

It took forever to get out of the infirmary, and by then Professor Severus Snape was in a foul mood. Luckily, he knew how to improve it: by finding the culprits and making him, her or them pay. Severus Snape had overheard some students giggling in the hallways the other day about Agatha Vablatsky's stash of doxy eggs, so he had a good idea of who to interrogate first. Unfortunately for him, but rather fortunately for Agatha Vablatsky, the common room password had recently been changed to Chudley Cannons , so Severus Snape couldn't enter. The Fat Lady looked up from her portrait and laughed at the cursing, frustrated Professor.

The old Professor Severus Snape would have thrown a hissy fit at being taunted by a mere portrait, and blasted the thing all the way into the 3rd floor girl's bathroom. The new Professor Severus Snape went to 17 weeks of Anger Management classes, punched a lot of pillows, and took up Basketweaving. And started subscribing to the Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes catalogue.

Professor Severus Snape 's first class off the day was Transfiguration with the 3rd year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. It took them 2 hours to clean up after the entire carton of Nosebleed Nougat that went off and clung to their robes, schoolbooks, and any exposed flesh. The students all knew that Agatha Vablatsky was planning to do something in Transfiguration to get Professor Severus Snape, so everyone blamed her for the prank and gave her the cold shoulder for 17 days, until Arae Hydra blew up the Divination classroom with a misplaced charm and became the new pariah-of-the-hour.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HSKS6 Coursework

I'm trying to do a little midweek de-stressing so I've been doing all of the other house's coursework to try to keep my mind off of things for a little while (sad, I know, but I'm really REALLY stressed right now so I'm doing anything I can to get my mind off work / school / life for awhile).

Slytherin Quiz:

1. Where did the first kiss between harry and Ginny occur?

a. The Gryffindor Common Room

2. Severus Snape made an unbreakable vow to whom?

b. Narcissa Malfoy

3. Why is Hagrid upset with Ron, Harry and Hermione?

c. They did not take his class in their 6th year

4. Who is the Half-Blood Prince?

b. Severus Snape

5. At what age are you legally allowed to Apparate?

d. 17

6. How long does it take to brew a batch of Felix Felicis?

c. 6 months

7. What happens if you break an Unbreakable Vow?

c. You die

8. Which one of your roommates snores the loudest?

They’re both pretty quiet, so I would have to say that I’m the loudest between Patonga, Fleur and myself.

9. Which Hogwart's student is secretly dating the new DADA Professor Lucius Whitmarsh?

That’s pretty easy and not much of a secret – Wisteria Lovegoods, of course!

10. Describe your favorite item found in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!

The Daydream Charm. I use them on myself everyday to get away from the stress of classes.

Gryffindor Assignment - 3:



“Dumbledore says people find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.”

Hermione Granger

Hufflepuff Quiz 4:

1. Severus Snape
2. Transfiguration
3. 269
4. Minerva McGonagall
5. Thumb
6. Fly
7. Agatha Vablatsky
8. Chudley Cannons
9. The Fat Lady
10. 3
11. 17
12. Basketweaving
13. Ravenclaw
14. Nosebleed Nougat
15. Arae Hydra
16. Divination

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quidditch Round 2

1. What animal does the portrait in the Muggle Prime Minster’s office resemble?
b. Frog

2. What drink does Romilda Vane try to give Harry?
a. Gillywater

3. What is the name of the person who heads the Holyhead Harpies?
b. Gwenog Jones

4. How many ‘Exceeds Expectation’ grades does Harry receive in his O.W.L’s?
c. 5

5. What is Professor Sughorn’s favorite candy?
d. Crystallized Pineapple

6. What tattoo is Harry reported to have on his chest?
c. Hippogriff

7. What color robes do the staff at the Weasley’s shop wear?
b. Magenta

8. What is the man outside Flourish and Blotts selling?
a. Amulets

9. How much is the skull, which Hermione enquires about at Borgin and Burkes, worth?
c. 16 Galleons

10. What are Professor Slughorn’s initials?
b. H.E.F.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Heading Out

I'm on my way out the door to go to a conference for the weekend but I wanted to blog real quick since I won't be back until Sunday.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ravenclaw House Quiz

1. What potion has the strange side effects of excessive singing and nose-tweaking?
An Elixir of Euphoria

2. What ingredient can be used to counteract the effect of the above side effects?

3. How much can you get for Acromantula venom?
One hundred galleons per pint

4. What is the most powerful love potion in the world?

5. What antidote does Harry use to help Ron when he is poisoned by Madam Rosmerta's finest mead?

6. How does Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' Owl Order Service get their potions past the security at Hogwarts to their customers?
They disguise them in perfume or cough syrup bottles

7. What did Draco Malfoy make in Potions class when Professor Slughorn assigned them to make something amusing?
A hiccuping elixir

8. What spells will not work in an area affected by Instant Darkness Powder?
Light spells, such as Lumos, and fire magic

9. What are the ingredients for the Draught of Living Death?
Asphodel, Wormwood, Valerian Roots, and a single Sophorous Bean

10. How much will unicorn tail hair fetch?
Ten galleons per hair

Extra Credit

Answering the following questions are extra credit and will earn you an additional ticket in the drawing for the prize.

1. Do you prefer to knit or crochet? It depends on the project. For blankets and large items, I like to crochet so it doesn't take forever to finish. I tend to knit smaller projects.

2. What is your favorite weight yarn to knit/crochet with? Worsted weight, especially natural fibers.

3. What fiber contents do you most like to knit/crochet with? What fiber contents do you dislike knitting/crocheting with? Natural fibers are my favorite. I don't like crafting with novelty fibers or really rough / itchy fibers.

4. How many complete pair of socks have you knit/crochet? For myself? None. For family and friends, 4 or 5.

5. What is your favorite item to knit/crochet? BAGS! And blankets :) And an occassional Harry Potter scarf or two.

6. What is your favorite treat? Craisins and chocolate!

7. Do you drink coffee, tea, or both? Only tea.

8. Do you have an online wish list? If so, where? I don't have one.

9. How many Ravelry groups are you in? 28.

10. Is there any special item you have been really wanting, but can't find in your local area? Not really.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


1. At the beginning of the book, Cornelius Fudge is talking to the Muggle Prime Minister. Which member of the Order of the Phoenix has recently been found dead?

c. Emmeline Vance

2. What animal does Bellatrix Lestrange kill when she and her sister, Narcissa, are going to see Professor Snape?

b. Fox

3. What time does Professor Dumbledore collect Harry from Privet Drive?

b. 11 p.m.

4. What did Professor Sluhorn transform into when he was trying to hide from Harry and Professor Dumbledore?

a. An armchair

5. What grade did Harry get for Herbology?

a. E – Exceeds Expectation

6. Herbert Chorley, the Prime Minister’s Junior Minster, has been entertaining the public by impersonating which animal?

b. A duck

7. What is Professor Sprout’s first name?

d. Pomona

8. What is Dumbledore’s idea of ‘a few words’?

d. nitwit, oddment, blubber and tweak

9. Who is Marcus Belby’s famous uncle?

b. Damocles

10. What is Snape’s mother’s name?

b. Eileen Prince




Professor Sprout

Professor Dumbledore

Sunday, September 14, 2008

HSKS Questionnaire

Potter Name: Agatha Vablatsky

Rav ID: knitterphd

I am allergic to: Spring and fall (lol) but no fibers or anything like that. Smoke irritates me a bit but I'm not allergic per se

Pets that I have: Two dogs (Daisy - My German Shorthaired Pointer mix and Gigabyte - An Alaskan Eskimo Mix), Two cats (Blaze and Skillet), and Two African Dwarf Frogs (Maggie and Norville)

My favorite yarn: I love soft comfy fibers. I work with wool and cotton mostly and love working with soft superwash fibers.

If you are a Ravenclaw, do you prefer the film colors or the book colors? Movie colors (blue and silver)

My favorite flavor: I can't pick just one! Lavender-vanilla, Chocolate or blueberry would be my top three

My favorite holiday: Christmas

I would like to receive a: I said I wanted a surprise kit on my application but, in thinking about it, I really need a scarf to wear to the HP premiere. Of all of the HP things I've made for myself, I've never made myself an authentic HP scarf!

List your favorite brand of needles or hooks, including size and length: I LOVE my Denise's Interchangables but as far as single needles, I'm a big fan of Addi Turbos. I only have them in sock sizes so, for a scarf kit, I would need larger ones. I tend to work more with circulars too because they're so easy to fold up and tuck in my bag. I think that for the "authentic HP movie scarf" pattern, I would need size 8 circs in 16" length.

Is there a brand that you are dying to try?: I'm always up for trying new needles but there aren't any that I've been specifically looking at.

I've participated in HSKS: (How many times have you participated in HSKS swaps?) This is my third time.

Do you have a birthday during this swap? If so which day? No (Mine is December 30th).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Owls Flying High!

In my previous post I mentioned the duel club owl had its target in sight, but I forgot to mention my owl to Miss Arabella Moody. Arabella's owl, which left my house last week, made its scheduled stop in Memphis early this morning and took flight to its final destination. I love online tracking :) I know its totally geeky but I love following the process of packages online.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Duel Club Update

The tracker on my duel club owl says that my parcel is in Canada and is out for delivery tomorrow! YAY! He's an express owl so he flew super fast :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still Recovering, in Many Ways

This was a very long week. My family left town on Sunday and I spent most of the week dealing with homesickness and missing them :(

My hands still hurt from Tuesday and the duel club. I will probably not do speed knitting again, although I seem to be pretty good at it. I guess its the combination of not having much time in my day to day life to knit and working well under stress. I also realized I have the perfect duel set up at my office. My boss is not in my same location so most of the time, I am able to knit at work. I'm also right around the corner from a post office (literally a few paces) so once I was finished, I could mail it immediately. But in looking at other knitting competitions out there (like hat attack and sock wars) I'm not so sure I could ever do it for a long period of time. There are so many participants that it can take weeks of knitting to compete and I think that the HSKS duel club was more my speed (I can handle knitting 4 hats).

Yesterday was a difficult day as well. It would have been my grandmother's 80th birthday had we not lost her a few years ago. I haven't dealt with my grandmother's death very well, and these little milestones which are supposed to be getting easier to handle seem to be getting much much worse. My SO and I went out for banana splits (her favorite dessert) and it helps having some way to honor her but its still tough.

I'm going to have to do something very special for my fiance when I get through this rough patch. He's been really good about keeping me distracted this week so that it went by a little easier.

Okay, enough of the bad stuff. Arabella, expect your owl early next week! Sorry about all of the delays. I seem to have a little black raincloud that follows me around when it comes to swaps. I always have trouble receiving items I've ordered for swap packages. This time, I even put the order in early to make sure it was delivered and a backordered item (which became backordered AFTER I'd placed the order) slowed its delivery down. It was a key component of the package so I had to wait. I just wish it hadn't taken so long.

I'm going to try to slowly knit a swatch to felt in preparation for the ravelympics. Have a good weekend everyone!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quidditch Round 3

I'm on vacation (until tomorrow night) so I've gotta be quick! I just wanted to make sure not to let my fellow ravenclaw's down, so here are my quidditch answers for round 3:

1. When Hagrid returns to Hogwarts after being sent to see the giants with Madame Maxime, Professor Umbridge questions him on his late return to school. She suspects that Hagrid had been to the mountains, but where does he tell her he has been?

d. South of France

2. Professor Umbridge comes to Hagrid's Hut and searches his cabin one evening (as she believes Harry, Ron and Hermione are there visiting him at night when they are not supposed to). When she walks past the place where Harry, Ron and Hermione are hiding under the Invisibility Cloak, Harry holds his breath. True or false?

b. False

3. A stately-looking witch in an emerald green shawl is one of the members of the Advance Guard who rescues Harry from Privet Drive. What is her name?

a. Emmeline Vance

4. What is the name of the witch who was killed two weeks after the photo of the original Order of the Phoenix was taken?

b. Marlene McKinnon

5. Which two fifth year Ravenclaw students does Dumbledore choose to be prefects?

d. Anthony Goldstein and Padma Patil

6. Which house was Rose Zeller sorted into?

d. Hufflepuff

7. What is the color of Murtlap's essence?

c. Yellow

8. Name the Ravenclaw girl who became prefect in Harry's fifth year.

b. Padma Patil

9. According to a healer's portrait at St. Mungo's hospital, which disease was Ron suffering from?

d. Spattergroit

10. Which book did Harry give Hermione for Christmas?
a. "New Theory of Numberology"

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Padma Patil

Hannah Abott


Dumbledore's Army

Cedric Diggory

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dream Swatch Headband

I really need to get on the ball with this project! I casted on but didn't like the yarn I chose. I haven't had any time to make it to the LYS to get a more suitable yarn though! My family is coming to visit next week and our house was kind of, well ... embarrassingly messy :( Luckily its not DIRTY as much as it is DISORGANIZED. I've been organizing and cleaning for just under two weeks now! UGH! Maybe I can start on the headband while they're in town...

Ravenclaw House Quiz!

1. What is the literal translation of "Albus Dumbledore"?

Albus Dumbledore literally translates to “white bumblebee”. The name "Dumbledore" is an old Devon word for "bumblebee". JKR chose this name because she imagines Dumbledore wandering around the castle humming to himself, thus sounding like a bumblebee.

2. "Occlumency" is not, in reality, a word. However, it seems to be derived from a familiar real word that means "to block". What is that word?

Occlumency is derived from the word “occlude”, which means “to block”.

3. Remus Lupin, the werewolf, has a name that is a double reminder of his traits. From what languages are his two names derived?

Remus is latin (a son of Mars slain by his twin brother Romulus, in Roman mythology). Lupin is also latin (translated as “wolf”).

4. Percy Weasley's owl takes its name, quite appropriately, from the Greek messenger god. Who is this god?

Percy Weasley’s owl is named Hermes who, in Greek mythology, is the Greek God of boundaries, roads, commerce, science, invention, eloquence, luck, cunning, medicine, and healing.

5. Many of the creatures studied in the Care of Magical Creatures class or encountered by Hogwarts students are based on mythological animals while many others were made up. Name a mythological animal which is studied and/or encourntered by Hogwarts students.

The sphinx is a mythical creature encountered by Hogwarts students. Specifically, the Sphinx is used by wizards to guard doorways and treasure, and can become aggressive when whatever it is guarding is threatened. In the third task of the Triwizard Tournament, the maze's center was protected by a Sphinx with a riddle to answer.

6. Harry is tried for the "crime" of using magic outside Hogwarts by the Wizengamot. From what culture is the name "Wizengamot" derived?

Wizengamot is derived from Anglo-Saxon culture. The Witenagemon was the Anglo-Saxon council of wise men that advised the king. It was composed of men from religious as well as secular organizations.

7. The hospital in OotP is called St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Who was the real St. Mungo?

St Mungo is the commonly used name of Saint Kentigern or Cyndeyrn Garthwys, the late 6th century apostle of the Brythonic Kingdom of Strathclyde in modern Scotland, and patron saint and founder of the city of Glasgow.

8. Dobby the house-elf gets his name from another kind of creature. In English folklore, what is a dobby?

In English folklore, a dobby was a house-elf similar to a brownie (a spirit popular in Scottish folk-lore). Dobbies were thin and shaggy, very kind to servants and children, and did many a small service in the household when people were too busy.

9. Mundungus Fletcher is a disreputable little wizard with a penchant for trading in stolen goods. What exactly does mundungus mean?

Mundungus is defined as a tobacco with an offensive odor.

10. Harry's arch-nemesis throughout OotP is Professor Umbridge. Why is her name appropriate for her?

The root of “Dolores” (i.e. Dolor) is the Latin for pain, sadness, grief, resentment. Umbridge is the homonym for the English word 'umbrage' meaning to take offense, and from the Latin "umbra" meaning shade, shadow, ghost.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

HSKS5 Package!

My kit came today! My kit came today! Woo Hoo!!!

Here's a picture of all of the wonderful goodies!

Here's a closeup of my bag (already using!), stitch markers (already using!), yarn and needles (both packed for my trip this weekend!).
Here's the sock patterns! Which one to cast on first? Hmmm ...

And all of the wonderful British treats to try!

Thanks so much to my pal Arae Hydra!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ravenclaw Puzzle

Above is my Ravenclaw homework for the week. I don't have a scanner so its a picture with my camera phone. Since the answers are so bloody hard to read, here they are:

3. Wizengamot
4. Boggart
5. Marietta Edgecombe
8. Sirius Black
10. Arabella Figg
12. Tonks
13. Dumbledore
14. Doxy
15. Order of the Phoenix
16. Shacklebolt
17. Scrivenshafts
19. Kreacher
20. Madam Puddifoots

1. Severus Snape
2. Honeydukes
6. Grimmauld Place
7. Ministry of Magic
9. Mundungus
11. Umbridge
15. Occlumency
18. Hogshead

Friday, June 27, 2008

Traveling Scarves

My fiance is going to kill me but in addition to all of my commitments at Hogwarts, I've joined a new swap! I just joined the traveling scarves group on ravelry. If you've never heard of a swap like this, basically you start a scarf and mail it to the next person in the circle, who will then add a few inches to your scarf. At the end of the rotation you get back the scarf you started with everyone elses add ons.

Right now they still have openings for two groups: a crochet only group and a european swap group. If any of my other housemates are interested, head on over to ravelry and check it out! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Its Monday morning and usually my time to update myself on all of the Hogwarts happenings on Ravelry and the main HSKS5 blog. However, this morning, unlike other mornings, I find myself really sad and disappointed.

I usually have so much fun reading character blogs and interacting with fellow housemates. I've participated in a number of swaps over the years and the Hogwarts swaps are, by FAR, the most fun and, most importantly, have been relatively drama free.

But all of the drama concerning the latest round of Quidditch is just too much and, frankly, I don't get it. I know it was frustrating, and I can understand that. But its over and continuing to cry foul at this point is a bit absurd to me. Its over, so why continue the drama nearly a day later?

My view of the situation is this: the headmistress said this round would be different, it was, congratulations to Selena, the end. I think that the only way the headmistress can appease some of the angry swappers is to have another 2nd round of quidditch, and so its probably necessary, but can't we all just move on?

I have too much drama in my real life that I can't deal with drama in the online world. I'm hoping everything will die down in a few days, so I'm going to take a hiatus from checking the boards until then. :(

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dueling Club Round Two

This round of the dueling club was tough! It reminded me a lot of the release of the Deathly Hallows. I anxiously awaited the release of the pattern, knitted until my fingers nearly fell off, made a late night / early morning run to the post office and still made it to lab the next day, even without much sleep.

It looks like, in spite of my late night efforts, this round is going to come down to the efficiency of the USPS as my partner mailed her hat the same day.

I am really proud of my efforts though :) Even if I didn't make mine in the suggested color (heather green) I think it turned out just as good (or even better) than the hat pictured in the pattern. It looks gorgeous in white and it will match any coat to boot.

Quidditch ~ Round Two

1. At the beginning of the year feast, who is the only person who rudely interrupts Dumbledore during his speech?
b. Professor Umbridge

2. Off what street is the alley where Harry first met Sirius?

c. Magnolia Crescent

3. Tonks’ mother had two sisters, both pure-bloods, and both left on the Black Family Tree. What are their names?

c. Narcissa and Bellatrix

4. What spell are the students studying in McGonalgall’s class when Umbridge is doing her inspection?

d. The Vanishing Spell

5. Who comes to warn Harry and the rest of Dumbledore’s Army that Umbridge and her group of followers are coming to break up their meeting?

6. Who are the members of the Order that met Harry Potter in the Dursely’s house during the summer before his fifth year?

c. Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Remus Lupin, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore, Hestia Jones

7. Moody used the Disillusionment Charm
on Harry
a. Yes

8. Which of these Death Eaters is Sirius related to?

d. All of these

9. At what age did Sirius leave his home?


10. How many of the original Order members were killed (don’t include those who disappeared)?

b. 8

Kingsley Shacklebolt

Bellatrix Lestrange

Nymphadora Tonks

Remus Lupin

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ravenclaw House Quiz

1. It's changing out there. Just like last time. There's a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she comes.

Rubeus Hagrid

2. Dumbledore's Army was about doing something real. Or was that all just words to you?

Neville Longbottom

3. Dementors in Little Winging? Whatever next? The whole world's going topsy-turvy.

Arabella Figg

4. The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing.

Severus Snape

5. Face it, Petunia. Our boy has gone lumpy.

Vernon Dursley

6. You're a fool, Harry Potter, and you will lose everything.

Lord Voldemort

7. Practicing is good, but there's something else that's even more important: believing in yourself. Look at it this way: every wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now -- students. If they can do it, why not us?

Harry Potter

8. I WILL have order!

Delores Umbridge

9. When are you going to get it into your head? We're in this together.

Hermione Granger

10. When all this is over we'll be a proper family, you'll see.

Sirius Black

11. That's right. Anyway, my mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect.

Luna Lovegood

12. You may not like him, Minister, but you can't deny: Dumbledore's got style.

Kingsley Shacklebolt

13. Who wants to watch me take off Snivelly's trousers?

James Potter

14. One person can't feel all that, they'd explode!

Ron Weasley

15. They're very clean, these Muggles. It's unnatural.

Nymphadora Tonks

16. How dare you speak his name! YOU FILTHY HALF BLOOD!

Bellatrix Lestrange

17. Just because you can use magic now does not mean you have to whip your wands out for everything.

Molly Weasley

18. Did you actually believe, or are you truly naive enough to think that children stood a chance against us? I'll make this simple, Potter. Give me the prophecy now, or watch your friends die.

Lucius Malfoy

19. You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.

Ginny Weasley

20. Ah, I thought we might hit this little snag. You seem to be laboring under the delusion that I am going to -- what is the phrase? -- come quietly.

Albus Dumbledore

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ravenclaw House Quiz

1. Which Ravenclaw does not like games?
Miranda Moonstone

2. Who is taking a course in Remedial Magical Symphony?
Cecilia Kettleburn

3. Who got 3 puncture wounds in the bottom of her foot by stepping on a hair brush?
Ophelia Hopkirk

4. Who was formerly employed by the Ministry of Magic?
Emma Diggory

5. Who has been enrolled in a Magic Fibres Class in order to learn to knit?
Stuart Cauldwell

6. Whose mother is a squib?
Minerva Kwikspell

7. Whose father is an auror?
Chrysta the Cursted

8. Whose room smells like wet wool most of the time?
Chrysta the Cursed, Elanor Cadogan and Emma Diggory.

9. What Ravenclaws spent time in the infirmary for allergies?
Wisteria Lovegoods and me (Agatha Vablatsky), although I think that Minee and Chrysta might be making their way their now ...

10. Whose wand is made of holly with a kelpie feather?
Hydrangea MacDuff

11. Whose mother was a Ravenclaw and father was a Hufflepuff when they met at Hogwarts?
Olive Bladvak

12. Whose silencing potion backfired?
Emma Scrimgeour (with the help of her roommates Patonga Pinkstone and Andromache Tonks)

13. Who has purple hair?
Andromache Tonks

14. Whose son attends Hogwarts?
Emma Wigworthy, although Emma Diggory's son is in Hogwarts Preschool...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Personality Test

Here are the results of my personality test.... I'm seriously NOT surprised, lol :)

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quidditch Round One (Go Ravenclaw!!!)

1. Which of Arabella Figg's cats ran out from under the car?
a. Tibbles

2. Which of the following is NOT one of Albus Dumbledore's middle names?
a. Ignatius

3. Which educational decree introduced a High Inquisitor to Hogwarts?

b. 23

4. Apart from Harry, Ron and Hermione, who was the first person to enter the Hog's Head that showed an interest in Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts classes?
b. Neville Longbottom

5. In the first Quidditch match of the year which player attempted to score first?
a. Angelina Johnson

6. What kind of bush does Harry hide behind to listen to the news?

b. A hydrangea bush

7. Why is Mundungus Fletcher disguised as a woman when he witnesses the DA (Dumbledore's Army) meeting in the Hog's Head pub?

b. He was banned from the Hog’s Head pub 20 years ago.

8. When Harry and Cho go on their first date to Madam Puddifoot's in Hogsmeade, what is it decorated with for Valentine's Day?

c. Golden cherubs and pink confetti

9. How old is Sturgis Podmore and where does he live?
a. 38 and number 2 Laburnum Gardens Clapham

10. What did Fred and George Weasley do to Montague?

a. Forced him head-first into a Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor.

Fred and George Weasley (Together)

Hog’s Head Pub

Sirius Black

Mr. Weasley & Harry (Together)

Draco Malfoy