Friday, November 21, 2008

Photos of my Swap Package!

To begin, I must apologize to my wonderful pal CentyB for the delay in posting these photos. My camera cord has been MIA since returning from my wedding so I had to go to Walgreens and have my photos put on CD so that I could upload them.

So, without further delay, here is my wonderful package!

Here's a picture of all of my beautifully wrapped goodies (taken immediately before I shamelessly ripped into them).

And here's all of the goodies in my scarf kit unwrapped:

And now, for some closeups. Here's the yarn (Knitpicks Swish Worsted Weight) for my scarf kit:

Knitpick's Harmony Wood Circulars. As luck would have it, I was getting ready to cast on my sister's Christmas present when the package arrived which required the exact same size needle that came in my package. So, the picture below shows the needles, which are already in use :)

Charmed Knits!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Hand knit socks (CentyB's first toe ups) which are very very warm and cozy. I've already worn them and shown them off and my weekly SnB.

Yummy craisins ... mmmm ... my favorite snack!

Partylite tealight candles and a Mad-Eye Moody bath fizzy! :)

Yummy candies and mints (notice that the toblerone bar didn't last long... I'd never had one before and started eating it while I was opening the rest of my goodies).

And a note pad and clip!

Thanks again CentyB for this wonderful, best-kit-worthy scarf kit!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quidditch Round 3

1. Who was Tom Riddle Sr.'s girlfriend before Merope gave him the love potion?
b. Cecilia

2. What does Luna say floated into Harry's ear when he was in the train car that supposedly caused him to lose focus?
c. Wrackspurt

3. How much do the primary Apparition lessons cost?
d. 12 galleons

4. What is Professor Merrythought's first name?
b. Galatea

5. What Hogwarts club was Eileen Prince captain of?
b. Gobstones Club

6. Who is head of the Goblin Liaison office?
b. Dirk Cresswell

7. Mrs. Weasley offers Fleur a goblin-made tiara for the wedding with Bill. What family member is currently in possession of the tiara?
a. Aunt Muriel

8. How many points does Snape take from Gryffindor for Harry's late arrival and muggle attire?
b. 70

9. When Profressory Slughorn first meets Hermione, he asks her whether she is related to Hector Dagworth-Granger. What society did Dgworth-Granger found?
d. The Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers

10. Which of these describes Golpalott's Third Law?
d. The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separtea components

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ravenclaw Secret Stuffs ...

1. Astrid Cloverleaf
2. Cassandra Grubbly-Plank
3. Enna Kirts
4. Selena Starfire
5. Henry Longstaff
6. Ceciley Fortescue
7. Mona Ravenscroft
8. Argentia Pascal
9. Prendolyn Wilcox
10. Lizzie Wychwood
11. Ursula Longbottom
12. Rowena Weasley
13. Aurora Curlyfur
14. Lily May Clearwater
15. Megaera Black

Bonus 1. Smileynetta, or Hermione Bagnold
Bonus 2. 37 – which is less than half