Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Second Term at Hogwarts Begins!

Yay! I'm back for another term at Hogwarts! And in Ravenclaw AGAIN! :) Woo Hoo!

Some of you might be wondering who I am, seeing as how I was formerly known by a different name. Well, after a mishap during transfiguration practice this summer, I sort of transfigured my identity. It seems as though my name had been changed on all of my documents, so that now (instead of Perpetual Phoenixfire) I am Agatha Vablatsky. It took awhile, but I'm sort of digging the new name!

Anyway, I filled out my hogwarts application last evening. I had some trouble deciding on some of the conditions this term. I knew I would definitely want to receive a pattern for socks (I am -so- addicted to sock knitting at the moment!) but needles are less defined. Since I had been formerly diagnosed with second sock syndrome, I tend to knit two socks at once nowadays. I am most successful with two socks on two needles, but, thanks to my super-fantastic pal from the last swap, I am learning magic loop! All that to say, I would appreciate circulars or DPNs. I have two sets of circulars (two sets of size 2 - 24", and one size 2 - 40") and only one set of DPNs (a clover bamboo set I bought when I started my sock making expeditions. I guess I tend to use the circs more often. But I am really into trying out new and spiffy needles :)

I can't wait to find out who my pal is! :) I had such a great time last swap!